Welcome to Sealand!

Welcome to Sealand, in Noirmoutier’s island, enter inside the aquatic world in the land of Seas and Oceans. To the sound of a strange music, Neptune introduces you you to the fantastic universe of the aquatic fauna and flora.

Sealand is : 500 000 litres of sea water, 200 meters walking, 200 species and 500 animals to discover. Between sea and ocean, a living world drags you to the depths.

The world of Sealand

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Sea Lions

Meet Gaston, Claudia, Iris and Luna the Sealand's Sea Lions.

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Cold Water

Discover the cold water's species: octopus, strange fishes, cabrs or lobsters.

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Tropical Seas

It is upstairs that you discover the most colorful animals of Sealand!

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