Tropical waters

Discover this wonderful show, and dream as much as you want in the fabulous universe of silence and colours on the island of Noirmoutier in Vendée.


Caouanne turtle

Marine's omnivore reptile - Average size of 90 cm - Average weight of 135 kg - Life expectancy around 46 and 67 years old - Threatened and protected specie - Spawn 1000 eggs in during the year - One out of 1000 babies will arrive to the adult status only.

The Caouanne turtle (latin : Caretta Caretta): in extinction danger/at Sealand since 1995 and 1998, is a marin omnivorous reptile with an average size of 90 centimetres and a weight of 135 kg (max : 160kg). We can find her in the Pacific ocean, Atlantic Indian but also in the Mediterranean sea. Her life expectancy is around 46 and 67 years old. It is threatened and protected specie. As all the marine turtles, they spend their lives inside the water except during the spawn were they go out the the beach. Out of 1000 eggs, only one will arrive to the adult status.

Between 15 and 20 cm - Omnivorous - Groups to attack - Live in fresh water.

The Piranha, proud and serious executing their dance at the first floor of Sealand. These strange animals live in soft water in the south american rivers. Their sizes can move between 15 and 25 centimetres. They are omnivorous creatures with the particularity of gathering in groups to attack huge preys. They have an aggressive reputation which is a slightly ahead reality.
Lion fish

Has 17 poisoned spikes - And a stomach which can grow more than 30 times his original size.

The Lion fish or Pterois miles, This tropical carnivorous fish is a scorpion fish specie from the Indian and Pacific ocean. Do not trust his elegant attitude and his elegant moves, this animal as 17 poisoned spikes and extremely toxic. This greedy fish as a stomach which can grow more than 30 times his original size.

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