Sea Lions

At Sealand, the Sea Lions make their show 3 times a day. You will assist to a surprising demonstration of complicity between Gaston (210kg, born: 03/07/1999 at Sealand Aquarium), Claudia Claudia (110kg, born: 01/07/2010 at Parc Le Pal in France), Iris (80kg, born: 19/07/2012 in Belgium) and Luna (75kg, born: 21/07/2013 in Belgium). But also a playful exchange between the trainers and the public.


340 m3
15/20 °C

The main pool for the sea lions has a volume of 250m3 sea water, his temperature round the 15, 20°C depending on the seasons. They mainly eat sprats and capelans fish all year long and herrings during the winter. Their rations changes depending on the weight of the animal and the season.

The sea lion is a carnivorous specie belonging to the marine mammals family. Not to be confused with seals or sea elephants. Indeed the sea lion as a pair of small external ears and can easily move on the ground with his front flippers, in contrary of his cousin the seal.


Main: 250 m3 - Outside: 50 m3 - Inside: 25 m3 - small: 15 m3 - We also have 3 dry spaces with almost 100m² in total - In Sealand, the sea lions are not inside boxes during the night.

Sea lions like to play and showing it, with balloons or hoops, they are also real acrobats, full of dexterity and balance. They are really powerful and agile animals full of gentleness and tenderness.

Pedagogic booklet

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